1 April 2019

Date: 25 March 2019          




Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of Billinghay Parish Council to be held at Ringmoor Lounge, Ringmoor Close, Billinghay

7pm  Monday 1 April

Carol Willingham

Parish Clerk and RFO


There will be a 15 minute Public Session to allow members of the public to speak


1. Acceptance of reasons for Councillors apologies of absence  


2. Declarations of interest for items on the agenda


3. Acceptance of notes for Meeting 4 March 2019


4. Clerks Update


5. Planning Matters

a Received Applications

19/0296/HOUS Orchard House Williamsons Drove Billinghay amended plans.

Tree protection plan including timings for erection of heras fencing submitted.

b Approved Applications:

19/0080/FUL Extension of stock pond into larger lake (Retrospective) - White House   Farm North Kyme Pits North Kyme Lincoln Lincolnshire LN4 4DR

19/0089/HOUS Demolition of rear extension and erection of new rear exten sion with detached garage. - 46 Victoria Street Billinghay Lincoln LN4 4HQ

c Suggestions for new development road name (off Cornfield Way)


6. Neighbourhood Plan Update   


7. Highways and Police Matters


8. Correspondence – circulated to Cllrs


9. Finance

  1. Financial activity since last meeting.

  2. To agree renovation of 3 Parish noticeboards £204

  3. To agree entering best kept village competition and expenditure for village tidying, renovation and repairs, and encouraging volunteers.


10. Burial Ground and Allotment Business


11. Cllrs Reports