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Welcome to Billinghay Parish Council

Billinghay is a village and civil parish in the district of North Kesteven in the County of Lincolnshire about ten miles north-east of Sleaford. According to the 2021 census the parish had a population of 2360.

The first reference to Billinghay Parish Council is in a Minute Book for 1893 although there are minutes of Vestry Meetings going back to 1879.

The Parish Council meets on a monthly basis normally on the first Monday of each month and is made up of 11 councillors. The Council is served by a Parish Clerk and one assistant.The Parish Office address is:   

Ringmoor House
Ringmoor Close
Lincolnshire LN4 4EY                                                                                                               

Telephone: 01526 861845  Mobile: 07483 346143

Opening Hours: 
9.15am to 12.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday