1 April 2019

Minutes of the Billinghay Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 1 April 2019 at Ringmoor House, Ringmoor Close, Billinghay.


Present: Vice Chair Cllr Miller (RM) in the Chair, Councillors

Chatten (RC),Kirk (CK),Clark (SC) & Bell (AB)

District Councillor Matthan (SM)

Clerk/ RFO/Minutes Secretary Carol Willingham (CW)

1 Member of the Public

Public Session

A resident came to the meeting, as he had nominated to join the Council and wanted to meet the Cllrs and learn more about current issues. Councillors wished to record in the minutes their sadness at the recent loss, of two past Parish Cllrs Tyrone Baker and Mark Davies. Thoughts were with their family and friends at this time.

Cllr Matthan thanked Cllrs and staff for their support, during her term as District Councillor. She was not seeking re-election but had thoroughly enjoyed the last 4 years.

Councillors wished her well for the future and thanked her for her commitment and help.

1. Apologies

Apologies with reasons have been received from Councillors KL

It was proposed by RC and seconded by AB and agreed unanimously that these be accepted.

2. Declarations of Interest None

3. Acceptance of Notes for the meeting on 4 March 2019

It was proposed by RC, seconded by SC and carried unanimously that the notes for the 4 March 2019 meeting be accepted as a true record and minutes.

4. Clerk’s Update

Cllrs nomination form for May elections had been delivered to NK by Clerk.

The clerk and SC had booked to attend a LALC event at Bentley Hotel Lincoln in June.

5. Planning Matters

a) Received applications

19/0296/HOUS Orchard House, Williamson’s Drove, Billinghay

Amended plans – tree protection plan including timings for erection of heras fencing submitted.

b) Approved Applications

19/0080/FUL Extension of stock pond into larger lake (retrospective) White House Farm,

North Kyme Pits, North Kyme, Lincoln

19/0089/HOUS Demolition of rear extension and erection of new rear extension with detached garage – 46 Victoria Street, Billinghay

c) Suggestions for road names

Development off Cornfield Way; suggestions were Baker Street (to acknowledge contribution to the village by the late Tyrone Baker and his father). Wheatsheaf St, Miller St and Cornfield Street.

6. Neighbourhood Plan Update

The Plan group had met and agreed that the balance of funds could be used towards provision of facilities identified by the plan. NKDC communities

Dept had confirmed that this would be in order. SM wished to acknowledge the huge efforts by everyone involved with the plan and offer thanks for a great achievement for the village.

7. Highways and Police Matters

Police Incidents for Billinghay from the 27/1/19 -27/2/19 supplied by PCSO Woolerton

0x Anti - Social Behaviour

0x Burglaries

0x Thefts

1x Criminal Damage – Swastika in paint on wall Victoria Street. 25/1/19


1/2/19 Car v Motorcycle High Street, Billinghay

12/2/19 A152 Tattershall Road, Billinghay – Dangerous driving

18/2/19 abandoned vehicles ending in OFD and JKJ High Street, Billinghay.

8. Correspondence

Circulated to Cllrs.

9. Finance

a) Financial Activity since last meeting – details had been circulated prior to the meeting. Pro AB Sec CK resolved.

b) Agree renovation of three Parish Notice Boards (£204)

Pro RC and SC resolved.

c) To agree entering best kept village competition – tidying, renovation and repairs and encouraging volunteers. Pro RM sec CK resolved.

10. Burial Ground and Allotment Business

Clerk had asked if another black bin could be provided for Cemetery as people still put flowers in the recycle bin and plastic and paper in the garden waste bin despite notices on each bin.

11. Councillors Reports

CK advised that the footpath along Skirth Road was in poor condition. AB asked if lighting could be improved at rear of Ringmoor House as it was very dark for people attending the Parish Council Meetings on some occasions. SM Thanked everyone for support during her time as District Cllr. She also advised that NK were running a campaign to advise residents that Photo ID would be needed to vote at forthcoming elections.


Meeting Closed at 7.59